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I am posting some more information about us! I am very super spunky person, and my name is Angela! I am going to let you all know some about my family background and then my work experiences. I was actually mainly raised by my mother and her military veteran prepper husband, I actually called him daddy even though the relation was a step-father. My step-sister is 8 years older than me, and started dating a man that joined the U.S. navy, when I was about 7 years old. I absolutely loved and adored my big brother, he stayed at our house anytime he was on leave even though his mother lived about a 30min drive from my house and would have me visit with his mother with him at her work and her house. Even after my big brother’s spilt from my step-sister he continued to stay at my house and would bring his friends and the new girlfriend to stay at our house while he was on leave, then a morning in February (when I was 12 years old) he passed in the very early hours, and his best friend (who was in the navy and staying at our house) was in our truck with him, and that is how I know my “Moose” and why I consider him as my surrogate big brother, if you ever hear me mention him. Then when I was 13 years old my step-dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed 3 days after Easter then shortly after the funeral my little 3 year old brother and I then went to stay with my Uncle “Fofo and Aunt Kelly in Northern California for about 2 weeks. My Uncle Fofo had made sure I had subscriptions sent to my house from the Wallstreet Journal when I was very young, he has been business man and in sales since he was 16, and he made sure I kept entertained to cope with what was going on and really taught a lot during that time, and yes, I gave him that nickname and continue to call him that to this day. When I came back to Arizona with in a month, my grandmother had announced her official split from my grandfather whom was a career detective for the police department, and announced the engagement to Bertch who is a marine veteran, a retired police officer, and was working at CPS at the time, and yes my Grandmother reminds me to this day about the remark I blurted about my grandmother’s engagement ring as soon as the announcement was made, so if you hear about that you know I obviously had a lot happening during my jr high school years. I was informed from a classmate in the locker room at gym class shortly after, that we were going to be family, apparently he was very proud to be part of my family even though I made the “ring” comment during family dinner he really enjoyed my feistiness, and I taught a lot about guns and ammo from Grandpa Bertch. During the summer before my freshman year in high school my little brother and I then went back to California for about 6 weeks, and every summer during high school years I stayed with my Uncle and Aunt for 2 to 4 weeks at a time. I was a junior in high school when my mother married her ex-husband who was an Air Force veteran, and his dad was an Air Force veteran that we all called “Doc” that was actually a pilot instructor and a dentist. I learned a lot about how to fly airplanes and how to check the airplanes and all about the equipment and my mother actually owned airplanes, all my friends thought it was super cool when I invited them in my families personal aircrafts! I actually snow ski and know all sorts of things about snow skiing and gear also because of my yearly snow skiing vacations that I had every year in my high school years. I also have a couple epic snow skiing stories from my high school years, that my friend Chris and I were chatting about recently when I was getting information about the state and the ski resorts where he is at, and those high school skiing stories make everybody that knows those laugh! My mother then had my little sister when I was 17 years old! Then when I was 19 years old my little sister’s grandpa Doc passed because some lights at an airport did not come on when they were supposed. I got married on New Year’s Eve in 2004 to Brad. I then had my first son Roman in 2005, my next son Titus in 2007, and another son Obadiah in 2009. I actually joined the International Order of Rainbow for girls when I was 12, and have have my son’s join Demolay when they are at the age to join, and my youngest son is in Squires. Brad’s father is the owner of a private school tuition organization called ACSTO, was a lawyer and has been a career politician that has previously held the positions of state speaker of the house and state senate president, Brad has other family members that have been in law enforcement previously including an Uncle that was a police chief. And, that is about my family, I am usually asked for a “flow chart” about all my family relationships when I really start chatting to people, so he is some of my families background!

And now for my work experience!! I actually had training starting with a modeling coach teaching me all sorts of things about modeling when I was 5 years old. Then, when I was 8 years old I got a local paper delivery job, my friends David and William actually would be at my house to help with getting those papers ready for delivery so I had more time to spend with my friends, then my mother decided I needed to focus on school work at 10 years old. I then turned 14 years old and started in modeling school, the week before modeling school graduation I had to have all the wisdom teeth dealt with, I then was able to complete my finals that week which included walking the cat walk with all the pivoting techniques with books balanced on the head in stilettos! I had the nickname of “the chipmunk” for a while! At 17 years old I then got a retail job that was opening a brand new store of office supplies and electronics and learned how to put merchandise into the system and how to read the paperwork to organize shelves and end caps, and I was promoted all the way to customer service supervisor. I then picked up a call center job on the college campus that I was at when I was 18 years old while I worked the retail job at the same time. Then around Christmas time when I was 18 I was shopping for gifts at a new lingerie boutique that opened near the college, and I was offered the manager position of the entire boutique as I was purchasing products, and she wanted to train me how to open my own store at some point when I was ready, and all the product research and ordering the products that was involved in owning a store. In the summer after my freshman year of college I was starting in an MLM in the telecommunications business, offering excellent rates for phone landline long distance calling plans. I went on a business trip with my friends Chris, Justin and Jason to California to get the business up and started. I had a cellphone at the time, but that was before the more affordable plans on cell phones. When I was 19 I then went back to my hometown and had my own business that I started starting selling cutlery and actually still have my hunting and fishing knives that I got for the top sales, I also picked up another retail job at a store that had products ranging from clothing, jewelry, kitchen items, and a lot of other types of merchandise, while I was selling cutlery, I then got more products added to my business to sell when I was 20 years old. At 21 I started both my business analyst and promotional modeling businesses! I become a Realtor at 37, and now have decided to own my store Leadslingers Armory and have my websites for people to purchase products!

Next Blog, Brad is going to post more information about himself!