Welcome to the Leadslingers Armory Campfire Survival Store, we carry a wide selection of survival kits, emergency food, first aid kits, paracord, and other products! We are adding more products daily, and be sure to come back to this website and see the exciting new products that are being added! You can let us know if there is a certain product that you would like, and I can see about getting that product added to the website! We appreciate your business! Some information about the owners of Leadslingers Armory: I am Brad Yarbrough, an Arizona native and grew up around firearms. I remember spending my teenage years hunting rabbits on my friend’s family farm with .22lr before Maricopa was full of housing developments. I have been a Law Enforcement Officer for 19 years in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. I have been rifle certified for 17 of those 19 years. I started with a 20″ Colt AR15 with iron sights and no weapon mounted light. Its amazing how far firearm technology has progressed! I have been a Firearms Instructor since 2007 and a Rifle Instructor since 2009. I have taught numerous firearms related classes at the police department with students ranging from brand new to SWAT operators. I’m that instructor that blows up your ear about trigger control and follow through. In addition to work, I enjoy fitness and video games (FPS of course). I’m excited to start this new chapter in life, with my wife as my business partner, as I wrap up my final year as a LEO. I am Angela Yarbrough the CEO of Leadslingers Armory, and I have owned my own businesses from the time I was 18 years old. My experience is extremely extensive in retail sales and customer service in a very wide variety of products. I have family members that have been in military and law enforcement. We are super excited to have Leadslingers Armory’s store websites up and ready! I am also a Realtor at home Centric Real Estate in Arizona. I really love vacationing in places that I can enjoy snow skiing, fishing, camping and have fun at theme parks!!! Brad and I have 3 fantastic sons and have been married since 2004!

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