Tribest® Freshlife® 3000 Automatic Sprouter



• On/Off Switch
• Detachable Power Cord
• Automatic Watering System
• BPA-Free Barrels
• Up to 3 Levels of Sprouting
• Adjustable Water Pressure System
• More Powerful Motor

1 Year Warranty

What’s Included in the Box

• (1) Lid: Promotes warmth and humidity for rapid growth.
• (2) 4-Pronged Sprinkler Heads: Sprinkles water intermittently several times per hour.
• (2) Sprouter Trays: Two identical trays. The seeds sit on the lower tray and are covered by the upper tray. Both should be facing smooth side up.
• (1) Water Tube Set: The green tube is actually comprised of two sections that connect. It channels the water to the sprinkler head.
• (1) Sprouter Barrel: This is the big barrel in which the sprouts grow. You can buy a second barrel to double your capacity.
• (1) Water Barrel: This is the bottom section that holds the reservoir of water. You can add nutrients or other solutions to the water here, although it is optional.
• (1) Water Pressure Control Tube Set: This is the tube with an opening on bottom. It sits inside the water barrel and controls the water pressure. Open the hole when you grow only one barrel of sprouts, and close the hole when you grow 2 or more barrels of sprouts.
• (1) Motor Chamber: Holds a specifically designed water pump with a timer. Do not place this part in the sink of immerse it in water.
• (4) Wheatgrass Pads: Controls tangled roots, while growing wheatgrass.
• (1) Detachable Power Cord